• Abbie Sorabjee

3 Ways to Find and Buy Property Remotely

Do you think you have to live near to the area where you invest in property?

It’s a pretty common assumption, but in this video, I talk about three options you can use if you don’t want to invest locally (because you know your returns will be better elsewhere!).

  • Option 1 is armchair investing which can be very hands-off.

  • Option 2 is using a property sourcer to find you investments and potentially manage them for you.

  • Option 3 is the one that I choose to use, which is creating a local team to help me, especially useful as I've never lived closer than 200 miles from a property that I'm investing in!

For more details on all of these options, and how to decide which one would be the right option for you, watch the full Property Success Bites video below.