• Abbie Sorabjee

From Miserable Employee to Successful Investor - Interview with Sarah Walker

In January, I caught up with Sarah Walker from Unsung Heroes to chat through how I went from a miserable corporate employee to a successful property investor enjoying passive income...

How did you first get into property investment?

Back in 2013 I started working for a large corporate firm as a process engineer with all of the optimism and enthusiasm of a fresh graduate.

However, within 6 months I was utterly miserable and completely disillusioned with working hard for someone else until eventually I might get to retire and have time to actually see my friends and family!

Thankfully for me, one of my friends recommended the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Whilst I don’t agree with everything in the book, it showed me that there are other options besides being an employee or self-employed and constantly exchanging your time for money.

Instead, it’s possible to become an investor or a business owner and make money work for you.

I was sold!

Robert himself used property to build up assets and create long-term passive wealth, so I decided that was what I wanted to do as well. I signed up to property investment training as soon as I came across some and was completely determined to make it work.

How did you feel when you took on that very first property?

I finally bought my first property about a year after dreaming up my property investment plans, and initially it was all a mixture of emotions.

It was terrifying, a relief and incredibly exciting all at once!

Thankfully, I had a brilliant mentor who was able to hold my hand throughout the whole process and make it all go relatively smoothly.

So, do you now see your property investment portfolio as an official business in its own right?


One of the biggest things which has made me treat property investment as a business is actually this demanding military lifestyle with its many moves.

If I’d always lived in one place, I probably would have been tempted to invest locally just for ease, or not to have a letting agent for example.

However, constantly being on the move has made me create systems, rely on the numbers to make big decisions and get out of my own way so that my property business more or less runs itself with minimal input from me.

What inspired you to start Nala Coaching?

I’ve been involved in property investment for just over 6 years now whilst being a military partner and following my husband around on each posting.

During that time, I have continued to build and grow my property portfolio which made me notice how well being a property investor could fit in with a transient lifestyle.

After a couple of years in property, I already had people starting to approach me to ask how they could get into property or for specific advice on how property could work for them, so I began coaching people on a fairly informal basis back as early as 2016.

However, once I married my military husband in 2018, I officially became a military spouse and came across the Supporting the Unsung Hero course.

I realised I could turn my informal property investment coaching into a real business which could help so many more people, particularly other military spouses, to take the leap into investment instead of feeling stuck in a passionless job or facing the daunting task of trying to find a new job with every new posting.

I want to help people follow the same path which I took, going from a full-time job to growing my own property portfolio and enjoy the resulting profitable income.

So, with the help of Unsung Heroes guidance, I officially launched Nala Coaching in 2019 with the mission to empower women with the tools and know-how to create a lifestyle of their own design through the power of a profitable property portfolio.

Why do you feel that having support through coaching companies like Nala Coaching is so important when you’re getting started in property?

There is so much you could do with property investment – so many strategies, areas and ways to make money from property.

You can find out tonnes from books, websites and podcasts etc., but all of that information isn’t necessarily going to be personalised or relevant to you and your lifestyle or goals.

Having said that, there are lots of property investment training companies out there and I actually attended formal property training myself before I started investing, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend them all!

A lot of training companies fill rooms with 100+ people for a long 3-day weekend to share lots of great information, but then send people back to normal life on Monday morning with very little support to put that learning into action.

Sadly, the result is that most of the people in those rooms never actually do anything with what they have learnt.

For me, it wasn’t until I went on that 4-day mentorship 1-1 with a coach that I really started to see results.

So, I have always wanted Nala Coaching to be different. My training courses include 1-1 support from me and regular check ins, to make sure the training is personalised to my clients and what they want to get out of property investment.

All of Nala Coaching’s training is available online as well, to make it as accessible and flexible as possible to fit around busy modern (especially military!) lives.

The aim is that my clients not only have access to all of the knowledge they need, but also the confidence and accountability to get out there and take action!

For anyone who is interested in getting into property, what does Nala Coaching offer?

My free online course 5 Days of Property Investment Myth Busting has just finished in January, but my next online course Buy-to-Let with Infinite Returns is starting in February 2021.

This 8 week course covers everything you need to set up a property portfolio, even if you are starting with no experience and even no money for a deposit!

The course is structured with short video modules and downloadable resources which cover all of the theory and practical side of setting up successful Buy-to-Let investments.

And, course attendees will also get 1-1 mentoring calls and messaging with me as a mentor to help build goals and action plans and even analyse potential property projects as well as weekly live Q&A group sessions to make sure everyone gets the most out of the course.

For more information, head over to: https://academy.nalacoaching.com/buy-to-let

Or, if you aren’t quite sure whether the online course is quite right for you or you want to find out about the other coaching services I offer, please don’t hesitate to book a free Discovery call with me so we can have a friendly, no obligation chat: https://academy.nalacoaching.com/DiscoveryCall

You can also view the full interview here: https://fb.watch/3h5gOAj9YB/