• Abbie Sorabjee

How to Choose the Right Property Strategy for YOU

In February 2021, I started my Property Success Bites Lives on my Facebook Group - Nala Coaching’s Property Pride.

The first topic was was all about the different strategies to choose from when investing in property and how to choose the right one for YOU using my three steps.

Step one is to make a decision on your overall aim in the long run, step two is to think about your ideal lifestyle, whether passive or active investment is the right choice for you, and the third step is figuring out your current experience and if it can be applied to a particular strategy.

I go into these steps in detail in this 20 minute video, so grab a drink and snack and get stuck in!

If you want to find out more and have a friendly chat with me, you can book in a free Discovery Call and we can chat through the strategies I use and services I offer to see if I can help you.

Have a lovely week!

Abbie x