• Abbie Sorabjee

How to Find Private Investor Finance

Do you want to get started in property investing but don’t have a huge bank account ready for action?

I didn’t have any money ready to invest and it is much more common starting with nothing that you might think.

And not having lots of savings certainly shouldn't stop you from being as successful as you like in property investment.

"But how do you invest in property without having money?!" I hear you ask...

By using Private Investor finance.

There are some big benefits of using Private Investor Finance - you have a direct relationship with your investor and you set the terms of the loan.

You may wish to give an interest return or give your investor a charge on the property, but the true beauty is that you can choose the terms and negotiate it directly with the investor.

Plus, you can generally set up these loans without any admin, entry or exit fees and you can decide how long you’d like the loan to be for.

Lots of BIG benefits which could save you £100s if not £1000s!

So, where and how do you go about finding these investors who want to partner with you in these private loans (especially if you are brand new to property investment)?!

Watch this Property Success Bites episode to find out...

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