• Abbie Sorabjee

How to Grow Your Portfolio and Generate Passive Income No Matter What

To help me grow my portfolio and generate passive income from it no matter what the world throws at me... whether a natural disaster, a global pandemic or a property market crash... I use 3 techniques to safeguard my investments.

Personal systems - these help me to ensure my mindset and knowledge are at a good enough level to weather any storm that is thrown at me.

Business systems - these protect my business and all of the parts of it whatever is going on in behind the scenes!

Project systems - these are the things I put in place to make sure that every property project is defended against disasters and unforeseen issues, whether big or small.

I talk about each of these systems in my Property Success Bites video, and whilst all are applicable to property businesses they’re also applicable to other businesses too, so definitely worth a watch!