• Abbie Sorabjee

How to Set Yourself Up for Remote Investing (even abroad!)

Lots of people get into property investment for financial freedom and passive income and sometimes that might mean living miles away from your actual investment! That doesn't have to be a problem though - I live in a different country from my investments but I am able to do everything remotely.

In this Property Success Bites episode, I will be sharing a few of my systems with you, that will help get you set up for remote investing, including:

  1. Who you need on your Local Team and how to find them

  2. How to get a reliable feel for a property even if you can't attend the viewing

  3. How to work out your offers and maximise your chances of getting them accepted

  4. How to manage the purchase process

  5. How to manage your refurbishment

  6. How to manage your property ongoing

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