• Abbie Sorabjee

How to Shift Your Mindset from Employee to Investor

As we grow up, we are taught that “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “Never get into debt”.

However these are limiting beliefs which restrict us to believing our only option is to trade our time for money and be an employee or self employed our whole lives.

But this simply isn't true!

There are other options which no one ever tells you about - being a Business Owner or Investor and making your money work for you (which is exactly how I "work" these days).

If you want to understand all of these options more, I highly recommend reading "Cashflow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki!

And if you want to be able to make that shift to becoming an Investor or Business Owner you need to shift your money mindset.

In this Property Success Bites episode I describe my three top tips to make that change and finally start living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to.

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