• Abbie Sorabjee

Landlord Insurance: What do you really need?

Have you ever wondered what insurance you need as a landlord?

You are definitely not alone.

Landlord insurance options can appear complicated, costly and overwhelming with various products available to insure virtually ever aspect of your property business.

However, what do you really need?

In this Property Success Bites episode, I talk through the 3 main types of landlord insurance and whether or not they are a necessity for your rental properties:

1) Buildings - to cover the structure of your property and cost to rebuild it

2) Contents - to cover the repair or replacement of your fixtures and fittings

3) Liability - to cover any legal fees and compensation payments if your tenants or visitors suffer an injury in your property

And I also run through the most popular insurance add-ons which you are likely to be offered as a landlord - Rent Guarantee and Home Emergency cover. Are they worth spending your rental profits on, or will they most likely be a waste of your income?

Watch the full episode to find out more.

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