• Abbie Sorabjee

The REAL Reason You Aren't a Property Millionaire Already

What is your reason for not having invested in property yet? Is it not having enough money? How about you don't think you have the spare time?

Or maybe you believe you just don't have enough knowledge about property investment?

Be honest with yourself for a moment...

Are you sure it isn't really FEAR that is stopping you?

Now, I am not saying that your fears aren't justified. In fact, you would be crazy to go into property without being a bit cautious of the risks. However, in this Property Success Bites episode, I talk about the reasons which people tell me for why they haven't started investing (i.e. excuses!) and how almost always these reasons actually boil down to fear.

But then I also talk you through how to overcome your fears it so you can start on your path to becoming a property millionaire!

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