• Abbie Sorabjee

Top 3 things to Look For on a Property Viewing

You've seen a property you think might be a good investment online, hooray!

Now it's time for the fun part, the viewing.

If you’ve not looked at any properties before then it can be hard to know what to look for, and it can be easy to be blinded by nice (or awful) décor!

When you go to view a property my top 3 things that you should look for are the local area, any big works that will need to be done to the property, and any warning signs that the property is telling you.

In this video I go into detail about all 3 of those things so you can walk into a viewing knowing exactly what you need to look for and to know about so you can confidently work out your numbers and decide if you want to invest in that property.

P.S. If you decide you do want to put an offer in, I also have a handy Offer Calculation Bundle on offer that can help you to figure out your numbers to know what you should be offering. It includes a Google Sheet table to put your numbers in, a handy PDF guide with a worked example, and a video from yours truly helping to explain what you need to do with the table. It’s available here: https://resources.nalacoaching.com/offerbundle